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Gettin’ Religion

Walk With the Wise -- Instagram 1080x1080.png

Maybe I’ve just not looked hard enough but I’ve yet to come across a social media channel for a local church, or even it’s national parent organisation, that has a decent grasp of social media. And certainly not any grasp of the power of graphic design.

The above example is a quote I like from Proverbs. I used a funky, youthful font in a summery yellow, against a pic of friends. I let the text fill the image to really stand out too. I tried a few variations in colour tone, mainly in blues and greens but settled on the warmer tone here.

I’m not particularly religious but the last time I went along to a service at the local Church of Scotland, the congregation was definitely more of the silver surfer variety. Membership of the church is falling and the UK as a whole is a secular country.

Anyway…I’m sure a wee graphic knocked out on Canva isn’t going to change the picture but I can guarantee it’d be a positive starting point.

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