As I See It

Old Firm, Same Story

So tomorrow brings the final old firm game (that’s Rangers vs Celtic btw) of the season.

As a Gers supporter, it’s been a tough time. We’ve lost the lot, bar one draw, which had us pathetically excited for a short time.

Last time out ended in a humiliating 4-0 loss. It wasn’t just a loss, it was a capitulation. Scratch that, it was even worse; it was the worst example I’ve seen of a team just not trying. Probably the most unforgivable thing to any football fan.

Just about any fan I know would be disappointed to lose but would always accept being outplayed on the day. Usually with a bit of mental gymnastics involved to create theories around how it was the referee’s fault.

Tomorrow is also the last Old Firm, the current Rangers boss will take charge of, as the Board again has taken the bizarre decision to make a major announcement a week before a huge game.

It looks like Steven Gerrard can have the role if he decides the risk is worth the potential rewards.

I’m not sure if I’ll even watch tomorrow. These games have long since brought me joy. It’s 90 minutes of tension, ending with despair. Plus, if Celtic win the game tomorrow, they win the league. Thankfully, the game is not at Ibrox. We will always have that over them (we beat Celtic 3-0 at Celtic Park in 1999 to win the league).

Is tomorrow impossible? Of course not. Anything can happen over 90 minutes, especially in an Old Firm game. Unfortunately, it’s become a little predictable of late.

If Rangers are to stand any chance at all they need to play a high pressing system and get right in the faces of the Celtic players. We need guys who are going to chase, chase, chase and move like lightning. Hibs proved the efficacy of pressing but it also requires quality possession and ruthlessness in front of goal.

My preferred side tomorrow would play a 4-5-1 with an attacking mindset.


——————————Alves (if fit)———————-Cardoso





Cummings is the most natural finisher. Cardoso is quicker than Martin. Holt will be energetic and McCrorie is a better midfielder than he is defender.

It all hinges on bravery and a will to get in the face of the opponent. If the team above sits back and invites pressure, it will be destroyed by superior players.

My predictions:

Heart says 2-1 win for the Gers.

Head says 3-0 win for them.


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