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Bearable Kids Shows #1


So, in this weekly post I’m going to give you a wee bit of pro insight into the kids shows least likely to turn your brain into mush…

…of course it could be the case that my brain has long since turned to mush and that I am only recommending these in my semi-vegetative state.

Either way, there is no getting round the fact that modern cartoons ain’t as good as in my day! Give me good old Playdays¬†and Raggy Dolls any day.


Prince Adam had the power


I digress. There is hope. The first example I give you is…Beat Bugs! A Netflix original series inspired by classic Beatles songs. Each episode has a theme loosely tied to the name of two Fab Four songs, featuring guest vocalists including Eddy Vedder, Sia and Regina Spektor (among a few others). I have to admit, I find myself actually watching each episode, just to get to the songs, which by the way, are done justice by great renditions. And yeah, okay, the stories are a wee bit of fun too.

It also makes for comic moments such as me playing my trippy era Beatles playlist, only for Grace to object that it “isn’t the Beat Bugs”! Whatever gets her into good music is all I’ll say. And frankly after watching the same episode of Mia and Me for a fortnight, Beat Bugs is positively heaven sent!

The animation is top drawer and the characters are all individually likeable.

There are two series’ available to stream now. Start them on this, then casually drop in the real thing every so often at bedtime (Beatles music I mean, not live bugs). Hey presto, your kid grows up normal. Right?

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