As I See It

Remember, Remember, the 5th November

No attempts at blowing up parliament here. Instead, we had a fun day at the beach. A fun but freezing autumn day.


Ayr Beach – no filter required.


The sun was out but the temperature was struggling at around four degrees with the sea air pummelling oor wee rosy cheeks! I love it.


Ayr Beach has a long coastline worth walking, especially on clear days where you can see for miles. If you have kids and one’s in a buggy it’s probably a bit unrealistic.

Fear not, there is a play park. After indulging daddy’s yearning to walk along the beach, Grace and Anna were ready to jump on the swings, see-saw, slides and climbing thingies.

Watching your kids play in a park is one of life’s truly joyful things to do.

When our fingers and faces were all suitably numb, we moved on to the town centre for some shopping, a wander and a creamy salted caramel latte at Cafe Nero. The high street is a wee bit run down in parts these days but there are other side streets with nice cafes and boutique stores, which bring some soul to Ayr. A wee stop off at Renaldo’s for ice cream rounded the afternoon off before heading home.

Following a wee snooze, it was down to Auntie Lois and Uncle Paddy’s for fireworks (and some grub). Uncle Paddy was in full fire marshall duty as Grace and Anna took their positions for a dazzling show. Cheers, Padster!



Wrapping up, the beach, the park, ice cream and fireworks. What Saturdays are all about.

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