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Blogging – the struggle is real

The artist formerly known as…

So, I’ve gone and changed the name of my blog to The Social Dad. It was formerly ‘Scottish Dad with an Opinion’ and I hosted that over on Blogger. The thing with that however, was it was a bit too broad and to be honest, I don’t have an opinion on enough things to make it worthwhile. Plus, I wanted a reason to switch back to WordPress.
Whereas, with The Social Dad, I am setting out my stall. I am a dad (to two girls, aged 3 and 1) and I work as an in-house social media manager. These are two things I do want to write about and any successful blogger I have ever come across says, “write about what you love”.

Dad life

As a dad, I ain’t all that unique. I work Monday-Friday and don’t get much time with the kids in the morning or at night. As a typical guy, I watch football, listen to sad indie music and like action films. So I guess, you’ll probably find me writing sometimes about how the triple balancing act of being successful at work, being successful at dad’ing and still maintaining my own identity!

Social life

The ‘social’ part will come from my views on social media. There are thousands of blogs out there on the subject. Possibly tens of thousands. People who claim to be able to take your business to ‘the next level’ or growth-hack your personal brand with their awesome tips. Well, ya know, fair play to them if they can turn a quid or two from doing so but that’s not my objective. I haven’t worked agency side, I haven’t even given the private sector a try yet.
My thoughts on social media come from my worldview as a 31 year old, cynical Scottish dad trying to sell ideas to young people. Snapchat? I hate it but I know it’s where the target market is. Facebook? I’m definitely in cringey Facebook parent territory these days but there’s a whole other goddam HUGE market there too.

Like. Share. Enjoy.

There it is then. A new (have I said that before? Hmm) blog, coming from a place of genuine will. I couldn’t care less if I make money from it or if thousands of people read it (although secretly I think that would be amazing!). I just want to share some thoughts on being a dad, being a social media geek and being (or at least trying to be) a decent human being.

What Do You Think?

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