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Divorce, social media and sucky Scottish football


Interesting article in today’s Scottish edition of The Times. Kate Foster writes about the use of social media during the divorce process.

Time article
Kate Foster, The Times (Scotland), 27 Jan 2016, p.2


The quick summary of the piece is that couples who are separating should abstain from Facebook and Twitter. Apparently, 40% of UK marriages end in divorce!

However, being a social media editor, I guess the thing that intrigued me was the fact that anything posted on social profiles can be used as evidence in court proceedings. We are always talking to young people about protecting themselves online; whether it’s from predators or just to make sure potential employers don’t see their booze fuelled holiday snaps! But it never really occurred to me that social media in the big bad adult world was also so dangerous. We all know now that parents and grandparents are active users of thee social network so it shouldn’t be surprising at all.

Zero Effort – Result

I was doing my weekly analytics reporting at work today and again I came to the ‘Pinterest line’. We have a Pinterest channel, which we post to once a quarter – at best.

Funny thing though…over the past few weeks I have noticed that – without lifting a virtual finger, i.e. not doing anything on the channel – we still get handfuls of repins and clicks.

Literally, I have not posted or shared anything on that channel since before Christmas and today I recorded 11 repins and 23 clicks over the past week. Okay so not earth shattering numbers but 11 repins for zero effort is better than a kick in the nuts. Imagine if I actually put some effort in. Worth consideration.

Dour Scottish Football Bit

So a couple of quick sports thoughts since Rangers played on Monday and East Kilbride have been in the headlines.

The Gers beat Morton 2-0 at Cappielow on Monday night. I predicted a hard fought 2-1 so not far off. Morton put up a good fight but lacked quality in the box. The BIG talking point though had to be the red card for Andy Halliday. I mean, what the fuck?

The Gers score a stunning counter attack goal, Halliday celebrates by fist pumping, a bit cheekily to the opposing fans and picks up a second yellow.

Seriously? Is the Scottish game so devoid of charisma, joy and passion that a bit of banter between player and crowd is deemed punishable!? It seems that way, which is really sad. I’d be stunned if any Morton fan left the ground cursing Halliday rather than not having a decent striker.

On the EK vs Celtic Scottish Cup saga – again, what the hell is wrong with our governing body the Scottish Football Association (SFA). They assumed the game would be played at Hamilton’s stadium so announced as such…only without asking the club, who then said ‘naw’.

Frankly, I’m glad anyway. New Douglas Park is an embarrassment to Scottish football. For a top flight team to play in a ‘stadium’ with one and a half stands is so cringey, especially when TV cameras are there.

EK’s tie against the Scottish champions will now be played at Airdrie’s bigger capacity Excelsior Stadium, which obviously means more fans get to attend. I just don’t see why Hampden couldn’t be used. EK is a town of 70k+ and from what I’ve seen on social media, there is a HUGE demand for tickets. Celtic would probably sell between 10-15k tickets so why not meet that demand? Crazy and again another example of why our game is in the gutter.

Time for Justice

Finally, Dawn of Justice! Can. Not. Wait! Every trailer gets better and better. They want us to pick sides but it’s too hard. I’m not Team Superman or Team Batman. I’m Team Justice League!

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