As I See It

Rain, Rain and Damned Sniffles

Oh that lovely weather that hit the Atlantic side of the U.S has made it’s way across to Scotland. Except we don’t get the picturesque snowy covered parks and fun viral videos of numpties diving in to the white stuff in their skimpies.

No…we get rain. Miserable, windy, dour rain. Fair enough, nobody dies from the rain but by-gum it can be depressing. From the moment I woke this morning til right now, the gales are howlin’ our poor wee garden gnomes are huddled face down in the corner of our yard.

Annnnyway, as mentioned previously, I’ve been cursed with the man-flu and a never ending sniffly nose. Which means I’m off work and what else is there to do but waste time on YouTube.

So to celebrate the Scottish weather, here are five of the best songs about lovely ol’ rain.

Only Happy When It Rains – Garbage


Why Does It Always Rain On Me – Travis

Rain – The Beatles

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head – B.J Thomas

Let It Rain – Eric Clapton

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