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Using Twitter and LinkedIn Together

Are there two more natural bedfellows on social media than Twitter and LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is perhaps rightly referred to as the social network for business professionals, while Twitter is often casually dismissed as a bit too niche.

Both statements have elements of truth but separately offer so much more. However, used together, they can deliver big results for individuals either building their own profile or on behalf of their business.

The way I’m approaching this is: Twitter is your news channel and content hub as well as a networking platform in its own right. LinkedIn is where you can expand on what you find on Twitter with your own opinions and contacts, or even just share the content.

So let’s look at this…


Are you using Twitter to follow the people you want to follow or the people you ought to follow? The difference being that your ‘wants’ may not provide any value to you or you business, while the ‘oughts’ hopefully will. If you are passionate about what you do, then really they should be one and the same. And frankly, if you are using Twitter to follow the Kim Kardashian’s of this world, then you have too much time on your hands and should stop reading now.

Okay, so you’re following the people, blogs and news outlets you need to in order to keep up to date with what’s going on in your field of practice, job, whatever you want to call it. But do you also use the ‘social’ aspect of Twitter? Do you ask questions and invite responses? Do you actively tell people about your Twitter profile? You need to work at it every day! Yup, there’s no other way around it, I’m afraid.

As an example, say you’re at an industry event. There are speakers from your business and partner organisations there addressing topics, which you feel you are well placed to comment on. Well…why don’t you!? That’s what Twitter’s about. And you can do it in real time. A guest speaker has just finished; why not ask your followers (including the likely event hashtag) if they agree with you that the speaker sucked or inspired?


I have already written down a few notes on some simple steps on getting started with LinkedIn. But let’s think about how you could be using LinkedIn on a regular basis. I say ‘regular’ because I personally don’t think one has to post every single day to LinkedIn. I guess I think it just comes off as a bit too ‘try-hard’.

Anyway, so you have your news/content from Twitter. You’ve been to events and are a regular tweeter on your business area. You network with folks, OBVIOUSLY asking them to follow you on Twitter and send you a LinkedIn connection request. Hey, you’ve probably got the details on the business cards you hand out…

LinkedIn allows users to publish long form posts, like a blog built right into your profile. So while you can use your regular timeline to share posts or leave comments on other people’s content, you can use your own ‘blog’ area to establish yourself as an expert. In turn, Twitter will be a great outlet for sharing your posts beyond LinkedIn. And you all of a sudden become some other Tweeter’s news source.

It could be another post in itself but some general rules for your long form LinkedIn post: use sub headings (there are formatting options), keep paragraphs short, keep it to 500-100 words and make sure you have an image to go at the top.

Hopefully this will get you started.

Question: What are your personal views of using your LinkedIn profile alongside your other social media profiles?

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